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Next Retail Traders Coffee Morning 10am, Tuesday 7th July

Gotham Coffee, The Entrance, NSW


Clean Your Windows

 Business Slow? When Did You Last Clean Your Windows?

Unless you can do something incredibly creative with dirty windows like this fellow did, you should clean them regularly. Make those babies shine like The Cullinan Diamonds!

Nobody likes looking in or out of grubby windows. And especially when they are eating or shopping. Windows, floors and walls should all be clean as a whistle.

Your windows are a reflection of you, your staff, and what goes on behind the scenes in your business. How do you want your business perceived? Clean, neat, fresh and on the ball, or dirty, unkempt, stale and lazy?

If you are a non-retail business with great display windows, take advantage! Decorate for seasons, holidays, organizations, or special causes like shopping locally! (Reform School shop window by Jessica Pezalla of Bramble Workshop)

Shiny as a new pin, and filled with local pride.

Having clean windows is easy. Take some newspaper or a squeegee, put water with a splash of vinegar in a bucket, add some elbow grease, and you’re done!

#FreeGreen Streakless Window Cleaning Tip 
Window cleaning with vinegar will make your windows gleam and will not leave the usual film or streaks on the glass. Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water in a bucket. Wash with soft window washer. Dry with a soft cloth.

If you have a great tip for cleaning windows we’d love you to share it with us here. Or you can pop over to our Facebook page and share your tip there.

Until next time,

 Happy Retailing,

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Gaye Crispin 2015aGaye Crispin, founder of Central Coast Retail Traders Network, is a social innovator, social entrepreneur, business strategist, writer, online publisher, and activist for social good. Gaye has worked with small businesses for over 30 years, and is a passionate supporter of a wide range of causes and community groups, both online and off. A prolific blogger, Gaye is committed to helping business owners and community groups develop sustainable business models that leave a green footprint wherever possible. Gaye believes fully in the power of collaboration and innovation to build strong communities, and works with a number of partners on multiple projects at any one time.

If you have a social good project you need help with, or if you would like Gaye to speak at your next event ENQUIRE HERE

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Next Retail Traders Coffee Morning 10am, Tues 2nd June

Gotham Coffee, The Entrance, NSW


Businesses That Innovate Lead ~ Businesses That Lead Innovate

by Gaye Crispin

INNOVATIVE THINKING reveals existing invisible     profit centres in your business. 

BRAINSTORMING unearths new ways to save time and   money. 

CREATIVE THINKING provides competitive 
   advantages that give your business the edge.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of rearranging or changing what you already have or do to enhance existing processes, products and services.

Clever innovation creates more efficient processes, improves productivity, increases output, and grows profits. Great innovation is a catalyst for growth and success.

The most successful business owners I know are smart innovators or engage smart innovators who always have one ear to the ground. And they’re always seeking feedback and testing new ideas. That’s what gears their business model to adapt to and survive sudden changes in their business environment. It also ensures their product or service stays fresh, current and appealing.

When innovation is an in-built part of your business strategy, you create a culture of innovative thinking and creative problem solving that anticipates trends. This is what will keep you ahead of the pack, because: Businesses That Innovate Lead – Businesses That Lead Innovate.

Happy Retailing,


Gaye, Chrissy, Brenda, Sarah, Tammy, Leesa, Lee, Steve, Michael, Tony

The Central Coast Retail Traders Team

_PS: Need help innovating your business? Contact us here


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Next Retail Traders Coffee Morning

10am,  Tues 2nd June

Gotham Coffee, The Entrance, NSW



by Gaye Crispin

Customer Service Legends

There’s a story I heard of an airline employee who gave her jumper to a passenger whose luggage had been lost?

And then there was the story of the hotel manager in Bali who flew in (at no charge to the family) special peanut-free products from all around the world for the son of a family staying in his hotel. He did this because he felt there wasn’t a wide enough choice of items available on the hotel menu for the family’s little boy to eat.

The act of serving another goes back centuries, and throughout history has been viewed as one of the greatest gifts to humanity – service, one person to another. This manager and the airline employee are held up as supreme examples of customer service because they did what customer service is all about –  they served well.

Following are a few ideas to help you grow your own legendary list of great customer service stories.



A good business + good staff + good customer service is bound for greatness.


  • Find and retain quality people, because you can’t create world-class customer service with run-of-the-mill employees.
  • Hire people with the right personality for their job.
  • Hire people who who aren’t reluctant to take charge.
  • Hire people best suited to doing whatever it takes to make customers happy.
  • Hire people who aren’t afraid to hire people better than themselves.
  • Hire your best customer service employees to recruit people just like themselves. If you have good workers give them an incentive to recruit other good workers.


Put customer service at the core of your business & keep it fresh in everyone’s mind.
  • Understand what your customers think is good customer service.
  • Take time to find out what your customers expect.
  • Listen. Take notes. Stay in touch with your customers.
  • Follow up all feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Encourage customer emails, calls and other feedback
  • Build customer service into all aspects of your business.
  • Continuously test new ways to improve your customer service.

 “What do you need in business? Three simple things: Know your product better than anyone. Know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”  D Thomas

Great customer service skills are a gift, highly sought after ON both sides of the cash register. So, as the saying goes, “if you’ve got ’em flaunt ’em, because you never know where they may take you.” 

Do you have a customer service story you’d like to share with us.

We’d love to hear it.

Gaye, Chrissy, Brenda, Sarah, Tammy, Leesa, Lee, Steve, Michael, Tony

The Central Coast Retail Traders Team

© Central Coast Retail Traders 2015

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Retail Traders Michael Sharpe

Michael Sharpe, Founder of The Sharpe Centre For Social Impact

Welcome to Retail Traders on the Central Coast

We were thrilled to hold our first Coffee – Connect – Collaborate morning at Gotham Coffee, The Entrance on Tuesday 5th May.

Thank you to our good friend and strategic partner,Michael Sharpe, Founder of Sharpe Centre for Social Impact for hosting our official launch.

First Tall Poppies at Retail Traders

The Entrance Retail Traders group meets first Tuesday of each month at 10am







We Grow Tall Poppies

Retail Traders has partnered with The Sharpe Centre For Social Impact and The Über Hub at Wamberal to launch the Tall Poppy Program.

If you’d like to be a Tall Poppy  click here

Celebrating Tall Poppies Everywhere!

The Tall Poppy and Retail Traders

And The First To See The Opportunities .. Gaye Crispin


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