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Businesses That Innovate Lead ~ Businesses That Lead Innovate

by Gaye Crispin

INNOVATIVE THINKING reveals existing invisible     profit centres in your business. 

BRAINSTORMING unearths new ways to save time and   money. 

CREATIVE THINKING provides competitive 
   advantages that give your business the edge.

What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of rearranging or changing what you already have or do to enhance existing processes, products and services.

Clever innovation creates more efficient processes, improves productivity, increases output, and grows profits. Great innovation is a catalyst for growth and success.

The most successful business owners I know are smart innovators or engage smart innovators who always have one ear to the ground. And they’re always seeking feedback and testing new ideas. That’s what gears their business model to adapt to and survive sudden changes in their business environment. It also ensures their product or service stays fresh, current and appealing.

When innovation is an in-built part of your business strategy, you create a culture of innovative thinking and creative problem solving that anticipates trends. This is what will keep you ahead of the pack, because: Businesses That Innovate Lead – Businesses That Lead Innovate.

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