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 The Secret To Magnetic Branding

by Gaye Crispin

Often small business owners think professional branding is only for the big boys. And some businesses are just too busy to think about their branding. Then there are businesses that don’t think branding matters at all.

But what many of these businesses don’t realise is they’re already branded, whether they want it or not. Because every brand works, even bland and messy brands. Just not the way the owners might wish.

So, what or who is controlling how your brand is perceived? Because ….


… to paraphrase Lewis Carroll, if you don’t know where you want to go, don’t be surprised if you don’t get there.

Branding matters, whether you’re a lawn mowing business, software program or a cafe. And strong and clear branding is magnetic, pulling in customers and pushing you along.
Professional branding makes you stand out in a very positive and distinct way. Think Jim’s Mowing, MYOB or Gloria Jeans.
Magnetic branding puts distance between you and your competitors, pushing you forward in favour, and pushing your competition back.
To develop a magnetic brand that positions you as the darling with your target audience you need to know: who you are, who your best customer and target audience is, how to position yourself to draw this audience to yourself, and how to make sure all aspects of your business are in line with these things.
Sound easy? Well it’s not!
Knowing how to put all this together, and then knowing how to apply your values to everything you do, clearly and consistently, to create a brand that wipes the floor with the competition – this is the job for an expert.
So unless you’re a branding expert who knows about magnetic branding, you should keep doing what you do best. And out of the profits, pay a branding expert to do what they do best. The best way to discover what a branding expert can do for you is talk to one.
My suggestion: Find five (5) local brands that impress you and are doing well. Find out who the branding experts were behind them. Call them. Have a chat. See how they can help you. Get free quotes.
If You Think Hiring A Branding Expert Is Expensive, Wait Until You See What DIY Costs YOU?
You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover about your business and its possibilities. You’ll also discover good branding experts don’t cost a fortune, but can help make you one!
Think your branding could be more effective?
Ever used a branding expert?
I’d love to hear from you. But in the meantime,
Happy Retailing,

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Gaye Crispin 2015aGaye Crispin, founder of Central Coast Retail Traders Network, is asocial innovator and entrepreneur, business strategist, writer, online publisher, and activist for social good. Gaye has been working with small businesses for over 30 years, and is a passionate supporter of a wide range of causes and community groups, both online and off. A prolific blogger, Gaye is committed to helping business owners and community groups develop sustainable business models that leave a green footprint wherever possible. Gaye believes fully in the power of collaboration and innovation to build strong communities, and works with a number of partners on multiple projects at any one time.

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